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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Song Request: I Am The Walrus by The Beatles

Drew Gorman wrote:

"I am the Eggman" - (The Artist was not specified, we assume you meant "I Am The Walrus".)

Song request completed and is now up for download on the Downloads page. Enjoy! :)

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  1. My opinion: 432 is a numerological number, Those numbers fit for numbers of integer units as used with the calendar or the alphabet and so on. well, 432 is also integer,

    But frequenzy is defined as vibrations per second. And the second is a defined arbitrarily standarsized unit. There is no point to set numerological criteria for the absolute pitch of a sound, defined in HZ or Cents.

    What is important for sound are the relations between pitches or the mathematical fractions.

    The same is with the Solfeggio-tunes and I guess, it is taken without critics from many web-users, who are not aware that it is just a fake with this rumors of the advantages of those special frequenzies.

    In a scientific way I can make the experiment with "deaf"-test, in this case comparing the effects without knowing (or getting telepathically) the frequencies used.

  2. I must add one more argument, concerning the visual outcome with vibrating plates or liquids: This just depends on the geometrical lengths or diameters, make a little variation in the dimension keeping the same frequency and you get different outcomes of pictures.

    To the autor: Thanks for Your generosity to make my critics.It is finished now.

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