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Friday, October 16, 2015

Typhoon Koppu Charity - iPad Give Away

432Hz Love FM is now officially starting a charity to donate to the Philippine Red Cross for Typhoon Koppu/Lando. And we will be rewarding those who donate a hefty sum by giving away a free iPad Air 2.

For information regarding the charity please visit our Fundrazr Campaign at the bottom of this post.

How it works?

In order for you to get an iPad, you must select the correct Perk at our Fundrazr Campaign page below.

We are only giving away 10 iPad Air's. Once you have selected a Perk, a lucky sum of you will receive a confirmation that you have been chosen to be given an iPad.

(Note: iPad's will be ordered locally.)

Take your pick! This is a once in a while opportunity!

What charity will we be giving to?

Acquired funds will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross.

Help us reach our goal and get your iPad before it's too late!

Campaign will end on Christmas.


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