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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Top 5 Best Chill Music

Had a bad day? Looking to just put your headphones on or turn up your speakers and listen to some music to calm yourself?

These songs I handpicked myself are my top best music to listen to when I'm feeling stressed. They aren't exactly of 'Chill out genre' but its how it sounds that matters right?

These 5 songs allow me to forget troubles and problems and just let me be in serenity.

DyE - Fantasy

Yes, I know. I'm sure you're familiar with this song from that disturbing anime video. But come on, give it another chance. I found this song to be very appropriate for space, stars, galaxies, etc. I used to take a stroll around my neighborhood every night listening to this, looking at the stars. This is what gave me serenity. If you want to have a listen to DyE - Fantasy again, listen to this one tuned to 432Hz.

Syd Matters - To All Of You

This song just reminds me of my culture as an American. I listen to this song, usually when I'm working or sometimes when I just want to lay down and chill out. Yes, I discovered this song from Life is Strange.

Syd Matters - Obstacles

Syd does matter, another one of his songs on my top 5 list. This one is even better, the tune of it just give me these good vibes, 'nuff said.

The Radio Dept. - Every Time

Man, this song will just blow your mind if you're into this type of music. Back in my high school days, on the schools yearly field trip, I just zoned out listening to this song on the bus. My suggestions for this song? Roadtrips, gazing at the stars, nightly stroll. You can listen to the song here, if you're interested.

The Radio Dept. - Lost And Found

This song ranks the top of my list. I just can't get enough of this song no matter what, especially the tune that starts after the lyrics "I'll see you someday." to the end. This song has already been tuned to 432Hz, you may listen to it here. Enjoy!

That's my Top 5.

Not a very diverse list, I know. Although, I always find a way to serenity with this list. In conclusion, Lost And Found, Every Time and Fantasy give a similiar type mood. While Syd Matters just gives you that think about life feel.

Don't forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or if you have any suggestions to share.


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